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Mr. Done Right - the Handyman in Austin - provides unparalleled services,
high-quality workmanship, and on-schedule completion of your project.
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  • Bathroom Remodels  - 
  • Tile  - Mr. Done Right has a real talent and knack for great custom tile work. Just let us know what you are looking for and we’ll set down with you to plan the perfect custom tile floor, customer tile back-splash, and more…
  • Masonry  - Stone and masonry is one of our specialties, we have literally built our reputation for excellence from the ground up. Stone masonry is one of the oldest forms of construction. Elegance and style is its middle name. Mr. Done Right combines modern construction technology with traditional methods to provide the highest standard of quality in masonry available.
  • Tree Trimming  - Mr. Done Right can improve the look of all your trees and prevent damage to your property. Your trees are an investment, and we will help you to protect them and improve their beauty.
  • Sprinkler Systems  - Mr. Done Right installs, repairs and adjusts sprinkler systems. From drip irrigation to pop-up sprinkler systems, we can install it. We replace broken heads and adjust your system to keep costs down and keep your lawn beautiful.
  • Welding  - Mr. Done Right has the equipment and experience to tackle all your welding projects. From I-beams to support the second story to repairing a metal fence, we have to ability in-house to give you the same consistently excellent results as we do on all our work.
  • Concrete  - Mr. Done Right installs, repairs and refinishes concrete retaining walls, driveways, patios and slabs. From basic concrete work to decorative concrete floors, we have the skill and experience to do the job right.
  • Cabinets  - Mr. Done Right installs, repairs and refinishes cabinets, bookcases, counter tops and custom built-ins. From updating an old look to fixing a sticky drawer to increasing your storage, no job is too big or small.
  • Siding  - Mr. Done Right installs, repairs and updates wood, vinyl, HardiPlank® and other types of siding. From replacing old and damaged siding to creating an updated look, we can protect and beautify your home with a variety of siding options.
  • Decking  - Mr. Done Right repairs, installs and refinishes wooden decks, tile patios, even boat docks. We can add a second-story deck, power wash your current deck or re-grout your tile patio. We can enhance your enjoyment of your home wth an outdoor living and entertaining space.
  • Roofing  - Mr. Done Right installs, troubleshoots and repairs composite, wood, tile and metal roofs. We’ve done it all from replacing custom skylights to tracking down leaky shingles to roofing the whole house. No roof is too high or too steep. We have the equipment and experience to handle every job.
  • Plumbing  - Mr. Done Right installs, troubleshoots and replaces everything from a leaky faucet to leaks in the slab to a new bathroom. Water damage can take years to show up. As soon as you suspect that you have a problem, give us a call. We find and fix the problems that others can’t.
  • Electrical  - Mr. Done Right installs, troubleshoots and repairs everything from a new circuit breaker to a light fixture that flickers to new lights in your yard. When it comes to electricity, you need a professional and not just a handyman. Our experienced electricians keep you safe.
  • Trim Work  - Mr. Done Right installs, repairs and refinishes all types of trim. We can build a new fireplace mantel, replace rotten brick mold or install intricate crown mold. It’s the finishing touches that set a nice room apart from a beautiful room.
  • Painting/Priming  - Mr. Done Right scrapes, primes and paints everything from a scratch up to your whole house. The best time to paint is before it starts to peel but no matter what the condition of your paint is, we will make it look new.
  • Sheet Rock/Drywall  - Mr. Done Right installs, repairs and refinishes all types of wallboard. From patching a minor ding to replacing damaged sheetrock to hanging a whole room, we can installing it, float it, texture it and paint it.
  • Fencing  - Mr. Done Right installs, repairs and refinishes stockade, wood, brick, iron or vinyl fences and gates. From replacing a missing slat to repairing an electric gate to building a custom fence, if you can dream it, we can build it.
  • Flooring  - Mr. Done Right installs, repairs and refinishes wood, tile, laminate or vinyl flooring. Fixing damaged flooring, installing new flooring or restoring old flooring, if it can be done, we can do it.

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