“Everything he does and why he’s doing it while being extremely concise without adding any fluff”- Jason Z

I had the pleasure of hiring Don for my house remodel right after purchase to put up as a rental.
The project is actually still in process and in it’s last stages of wrapping up.
This review is focused on a very important aspect of how valuable Don has been for me.
I currently live in Seattle(recently moved from Austin) and purchased a property in Austin. After engaging Don after finding him on Yelp -he was very responsive on his scheduling process – the guy is in high demand and he’s usually scheduled couple of months out.
If you put down a small $50 intent fee, he will slot you into his schedule and move you up as spaces open.
Let me start off by saying that putting your trust into an all around contractor while doing a project completely remote from the other side of the country is a huge daunting and complex task.
Don first met with me while i was in Austin for the initial meeting and i sent him a to do list of everything i needed from my purchase inspection and a few things i wanted to get done without any inclination of budget.
After getting on his schedule and work commenced, he went through my check list line by line to make sure all of the top priorities were done and always gave suggestions on what he thought was necessary vs not necessary and where you can get the most value installing something that is utility vs decoration or a combination of both.
Fast forward to today and i’m 90% completed – i cut him checks incrementally during the project phase so he could pay his crew on time – to put your trust into a contractor while doing this remotely and actually having quality work done right, and extremely competitively priced is a life saver.
Don’s knowledge is on the level of those guys on PBS “this old house” that i always watched as a kid and he over explains everything he does and why he’s doing it while being extremely concise without adding any fluff.
Unless you are using friends you trust – Don’s really the best yelp alternative for an all inclusive contractor/handyman you can find and put your trust into.
If you’re a business developer or investor and need properties updated to code and remodeled while you’re away on business – you can’t go wrong!