“That’s a great feeling” – Dell H.

In our 35 years of living in Austin, my husband and I have gone through a lot of handymen. I have to say that Don Fenton is the most professional and knowledgeable handyman we’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. On his first trip to our house, we had a few small things that needed repair along with one big job, and we expected him to just come by and give us an estimate. Instead, he showed up with two guys and they knocked out all the small stuff in a couple of hours. When I expressed surprise, he said “Oh, I always travel with my crew … it saves time.” I’ll say! The guys with him were just as nice as he was, and they all cleaned up after themselves so you couldn’t tell they’d been there.

The big job was repair of a patio cover, and he said he didn’t have time to do that right away but that he would call us when he did. This is a story we’ve heard many times, and most of the time that’s the last we hear from a workman. But Don did call, a few weeks later, and set up a time for the job. This one turned out to be a much bigger job than any of us realized, because as they got into it they found more rotted wood and other problems. The guys who first put it up had done a very cheap job, taking many shortcuts, and nothing was to spec. Don and his team wound up taking the whole thing down and starting over, building us a beautiful new patio cover with the right degree of slope and proper insulation, etc. They also discovered some rotted wood and damaged flashing around the chimney, which they fixed at the same time. It was a joy to watch them work, as it always is when people take pride in their work and do it well. When we were standing in the back yard talking with Don, surveying the finished product, one of his guys was going around the yard looking for and collecting every small piece of debris that had fallen in the grass, saying he didn’t want anyone’s mower to hit something. I didn’t even notice until after they left that they had also cleaned the patio!

I can’t imagine calling anyone else now for our home repair needs. If we have to wait a while, I know he’ll call and that the wait (and the price) will be worth it. That’s a great feeling.