“[Don’s] craftsmanship and attention to detail more than met our expectations” ~ Stefanie R.


When we set out to refurbish our shower, we had no idea the Pandora’s Box we were about to open. Turns out we inherited a pile of problems from previous owners. Had anyone but Don and his crew been on the job, utter disaster would likely have ensued. I’m not going to say it wasn’t painful. Bathroom had to be torn down to the studs, molded decking replaced, old plumbing apparently meant to defy the laws of gravity (no wonder the shower was leaking through the ceiling below!) had to be replaced, and dangling, un-grounded wires safely corralled (Don’s an electrician–major bonus!).

The necessary scope ended up going way beyond what we bargained or budgeted for. But at the end of the day, Don and crew did everything possible to minimize the pain and carnage, not to mention the fact that their craftsmanship and attention to detail more than met our expectations. It was a tough project and they came through, transforming a cramped, malfunctioning bathroom into a place I actually want to be. Don and the crew are also extremely respectful of your time and space, keeping the construction mess and inconvenience to an absolute minimum. I completely understand why Mr. Done Right has a lengthy waiting list for new projects–that kind of honesty, integrity, and competence is really hard to come by.