I’ve worked with a lot of contractors in the past 50 years, and Don is tied for #1 with an excellent contractor who built two additions for me. That’s saying a lot because I’ve hired dozens of contractors over the years; no one else would rate better than 4 stars, and a lot of them would rate only 2 and 3 stars. Don is a thorough professional who really is Mr. Done Right. If he encounters a problem during a project, he explains it and lays out the options for dealing with it. Don and his crew have completed a long list of projects at my house, in periods spanning August-October 2016, May-July 2017, and February-early March 2019. Many of the projects were small in scope, but no project was too small to be done carefully and to my complete satisfaction. Some of the bigger projects merit special mention. In 2016, what began as repairs to our front deck became deck demolition and replacement when Don uncovered major structural problems with the existing deck — and it was a big one, high off the ground. I’m extremely pleased with the new deck; it’s built to last and looks great. The big project in 2017 was the complete refurbishment of a two-level deck system (including screened area) at the back of our house. In lieu of demolishing the deck system and starting over, which would have been a massive undertaking, Don practically rebuilt it from the ground up by replacing supporting posts and beams, decking, and screening. This year’s big project was the replacement of a post that supports a corner of the house that is 1-story-plus above ground level. Also, the inspection of leaking windows uncovered another contractor’s defective siding job, which had to be redone and improved on with a flashing system of Don’s design. I should add that it is a pleasure to work with Don’s friendly, courteous, and helpful crew. He leads by example.